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procedures for generation of standard warrant at fuel oil and bitumen warehouse-买球app排行网站

(1) customer appoints member to go through formalities regarding load-in declaration;

(2) member submits electronic and paper load-in declaration;

(3) the exchange conducts review and approval procedures within three (3) days. failure to pass the review and approval procedures will result in a re-application after being rejected. if such declaration is successful, member may pay the deposits;

(4) member pays the load-in deposits

(5) the exchange collects the load-in deposits;

(6) the exchange and member fax the load-in declaration document to quality inspection institutes and delivery warehouse;

(7) customer designates the delivery warehouse for making a delivery;

(8) the delivery warehouse conducts acceptance check on goods, while the inspection institute issues the quality inspection report;

(9) the delivery warehouse fills out the application for production of warrant;

(10) member confirms and forwards the application for production of warrant

(11) the exchange reviews and approves of production of warrant;

(12) the delivery warehouse modifies the application for production of warrant;

(13) after passing the review procedures for pre-production of warrant, member will be informed by the delivery warehouse. if there is any problem, such warrant will be returned to member for pre-production again.     

(14) customer conducts acceptance check on the warrant;

(15) the exchange settles and refunds member’s load-in deposits after receipt of the original copy of quality inspection report.